AnaBat™ Enclosure System

The AnaBat™ Enclosure System provides both weather protection and a convenient way of powering one to two Anabats™. These items can all be purchased separately and configured based on your needs.


The enclosure can accept up to two Bat-Hat cables, each through a PG11 gland nut. The enclosure also includes two PG7 gland nuts. One brings in the cable of a solar panel. One can be used for any other purpose, for example, installing a temperature/humidity sensor. Unused PG7 holes can be plugged.


Power is managed by a system combining a solar panel, 12-volt battery, and a charger circuit. The solar panel and charger circuit continuously recharge the battery. The battery then provides the necessary power to run the AnaBat™. We offer 5-watt, 10-watt, and 20-watt solar panels. The 10-watt is recommended and is the most common.