AnaBat™ Enclosure System

Bat-Hat System

EFG1008BHFiberglass NEMA4 Enclosure 8"x10"x4", with SS hinge and hasp, prepared for SD2, SD1, Anabat(s), battery and charger.$245
B1207Sealed Pb-acid battery, 12 volt, 7Ah$35
CG1129BHBattery charger for solar to 12V sealed Pb-acid battery and wiring harness for SD2, SD1, or Anabat.$85
AE1205Solar Panel with mounting bracket. 5- watt, Pmax 17.5V @ 600mA, 8" x 11"$120
AE1210 (recommended)Solar Panel with mounting bracket. 10- watt, Pmax 17.5V @ 280mA, 12" x 14"$180