Universal Transconductance Amplifier



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The UTA is a special purpose amplifier that converts the microamp-level current output of LI-COR light sensors to a corresponding signal voltage. The UTA provides a simple interface between LI-COR sensors and voltage input data loggers, chart recorders, HVAC, and greenhouse control systems.

The UTA is configured at EME Systems for any one of a large number of gain settings. (The gain can also be adjusted by the end user.) This gain setting, in conjunction with the calibration tag provided by LI-COR, is used to compute the light levels incident on the sensor with a high degree of accuracy.

Each UTA is labeled with its gain setting and maximum power recommendation. A manual providing wiring instructions and calibration notes are included.

Onset HOBO
UTA's are often used with HOBO dataloggers. In this case the UTA is set to run off of the 2.5 output from the HOBO logger. It provides 2.48V full scale output.

Low light
The UTA can be ordered for use in low light situations. This is accomplished by adding a bias generator to the PCB that allows the output to swing closer to ground, extending the range of the amplifier.


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