Onsite Weather Logger



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No Breakout Board

TB1032 Breakout terminal board - Add $85
32 Phoenix screw-down connection terminals, input protection.

TB1048 Breakout terminal board - Add $160
48 Phoenix screw-down connection terminals, includes solar battery charger, 5 independent counter channels, and input protection.



The OWL2pe is a data logger built around the BASIC stamp 2pe. It includes digital and analog i/o, battery backed real time clock, power supplies, 512k memory for data logging, and protection for the i/o pins. The core OWL2pe can be used either on its own or as the core module to plug into a larger terminal board.

The OWL2pe is often used with a breakout board. The breakout board either plugs into the top of the OWL2pe core or the OWL2pe core can plug in on top of a larger terminal board. The OWL2pe and our smallest topboard fits in a 2" x 2.5" x 1.25" Rose enclosure with terminals on 0.1" spacing.


  • 52 pin module on 2" x 1.5" board, surface mount technology
    • all parts rated -40 to +85 degrees Celsius industrial temperature range
    • surface mount board manufactured in ISO 9002 facility
    • fits in a standard enclosure, NEMA 4 weatherproof, 2" x 2.5" x 1.25"
    • terminals "breakout" boards are available with Phoenix terminals.
    • standard with 0.1" low profile header
  • BASIC Stamp 2pe-40 built in with all the latest commands
  • 20 digital multifunction I/O direct from Stamp available for user applications
    • Stamp mainio, P0 to P15, all available.
    • Stamp auxio X0 to X3
    • On-OWL peripherals use auxio x4 to x15.
  • +9 channels of analog-to-digital conversion on external pins
    • precision 0.05%, 4.096 volt reference.
    • 12 bits, TLC2543, 1 millivolt per bit
  • +2 internal analog to digital channels
    • monitor power supply voltage, Vin
    • monitor on-board system temperature, -25 to +85 Celsius
  • I/O protected by 330 ohm resistors from miswiring and short circuit.
  • 2RS232 system interface
    • just like a standard BASIC Stamp, addressed as P16
    • also used as programming port, just like any other BASIC Stamp.
    • Built-in attention capacitor.
  • 512kbytes (1/2 megabyte) of logging memory
    • Atmel AT45DB041 dataflash for almost unlimited storage life
    • 2048 pages of 264 bytes per page.
    • holds memory without battery power.
    • 50000 writes per page endurance.
    • Accurate 1 second or 32khz heartbeat pulse is available to the BASIC Stamp for calibration or special purposes using the POLLWAIT commands.
  • Real time clock with memory
    • DS1307 keeps accurate time from seconds to years
    • lithium cell backup, included, keeps clock running for 10 years even when the main power is disconnected, automatic power switching.
    • 56 bytes of battery backed RAM for system pointers and counters.
    • On board temperature measurement can be used for software error correction.
    • includes 528 bytes RAM memory buffer available to Stamp program
  • Power Supplies
    • 5 volts constant at 200 ma, low dropout LT1521-5
    • variable voltage (standard 5.5 volts, option 5 to 12 volts/200 ma) switched under program control LT1521
    • 3.3 volts, 50 ma, switched under program control LT1761
    • 4.096 volts reference (low current) switched under program control LT1790-4
    • Low power consumption SLEEP modes, 50 microamps
    • Operating current, 16 ma.
    • 6 microamp standby option is available through external control of the main regulator.

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