Universal Current Loop Converter


Below you will find a table listing the cost of various configurations of the UCLC amplifier. Please call (510) 848-5725 or email info@emesystems.com to place your order.


UCLCStandard UCLC with polycarbonate enclosure Specify LI-COR Sensor Type Used (LI-190, 200, 210)$130
/BNCBNC connector on inputadd $10
/NENo enclosure - Amplifier electronics onlysubtract $15


extra PG7 gland nutcall
3-conductor cable$7
fuel line tubingincluded
HOBO VIC cable$8

In order for EME Systems to customize and calibrate your UCLC amplifier, when ordering please provide the following information:

  1. the type of LI-COR sensor you will use with your UCLC (LI-19x PAR sensor, LI-200 Pyranometer, or LI-210).
  2. the output level or specific gain that you require.
  3. whether you require a BNC connector (SA model) or screw-down terminals (SZ model).
  4. whether you will be using your UCLC amplifier and LI-COR sensor with an Onset HOBO data logger.

If you have any questions regarding configuring your UCLC amplifier, please don't hesitate to call EME Systems and ask for assistance.