Temperature and Humidity Sensor




The SHT75PG is a temperature/humidity probe that transmits its data via a two-wire digital interface, with mid-range accuracy of ±0.5% for temperature and ±2% for humidity. The sensor element (Sensirion SHT75) is mounted on a narrow flow-through stalk, so its response for both temperature and humidity is fast.

At EME Systems, we install the sensor element and added protection circuitry into a PG7 gland nut, with wires sealed at the back for the electrical connection. The PG7 can then be installed with a gasket onto a probe tip or enclosure. Normally the sensing element is protected from dust and other contaminants by a GORE-TEX® vent, however, the vent can be removed for the fastest response time.

In a probe configuration, SHT75PG-3m, we seal the PG7 to a 50-mm long by 17-mm diameter tube, with 3 meters of four-conductor cable to carry power and the digital signal. The cable terminates in bare wire leads, although please contact us if you have specific needs for length and termination.

An oem version, SHT75PG, is also available, to allow mounting the PG7 gland on the backing of your choice.


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