Onsite Weather Logger/Propeller


The OWL3pro is a data logger, capable of various and sundry tasks. It is based around the Parallax P8X32 Propeller, a 32 bit, 8 core microcontroller capable of running multiple routines in parallel. sensor, communication, and data processing.

The OWL3pro can run at multiple clock speeds ranging from 80 MHz for high speed down to 20 kHz for micro-power. It is capable of serial programming and debugging and has 64 kbyte eeprom program and data memory.

For I/O, there are two four-channel, 16-bit analog to digital converters suitable for low level measurements. Signals can be either single ended or differential and can range from 0.256V to 3.3V full scale.

The OWL3pro runs off and can provide 3.3V power. There is also a switching power supply for external sensors and for powering an SD card.

General purpose input/output pins provide an interface to the microcontroller. The OWL3pro can be supplied with screw down terminals to easily access the i/o.

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