LI-COR® Light Measurement Sensors

Announcement: LI-COR has introduced a redesigned version of their light sensors. This new design incorporates a sensor element that can be detached from its base, allowing users to easily switch sensors in the field. The performance of the new design is equivalent to the old design. EME Systems carries both the old version and the new version of the sensor.

More information about the new sensor can be found here

LI-190 Quantum Par Sensor

The LI-190 Quantum Sensor measures photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) — which is energy that drives photosynthetic reactions in plants.

It is ideal for plant science research, horticulture, ecology, greenhouses, and growth chamber light measurements. It is available in a variety of configurations for compatibility with most data loggers.

LI-200 Pyranometer

The LI-200 Pyranometer is designed for field measurement of global solar radiation in agriculture, meteorological, and solar energy studies.

LI-210 Photometric Sensor

The LI-210 Photometric Sensor measures light with the same sensitivity as a typical human eye. The photometric sensor is ideal for evaluating illumination in work areas, exhibits, interior lighting, and in public spaces.