Counter Debouncer


The CT515 is a counter/debouncer chip that adds 5 counter input channels to the OWL2pe, Basic Stamp, Propeller, Arduino, or other microcontroller system. The CT515 allows the µC to offload the tasks and to focus its resources elsewhere. On command, the CT515 delivers the accumulated counts for further processing.

The 5 channels can be used to monitor rain gages, anemometers, flow meters, traffic counters, or any such device that closes a switch or generates pulse at a low rate. Low rate means less than 500 Hertz, 1ms high and 1 ms low.

Debouncing is important for mechanical switches, which often bounce at the instant they are closed or released. Bounce can generate multiple pulses into the attached electronics. The CT515 ignores the rapid changes and responds only to stable levels. The CT515 is set for a debounce interval of one millisecond. Debouncing is also important where sensors or buttons are connected via long wires that might pick up electrical noise.