OWL2pe, elfOWL data logger

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price: USD$185 for the OWL2pe core, qty 1

Data logger built around the BASIC Stamp 2pe, includes analog and digital i/o, battery backed real time clock, power supplies, 512k memory for data logging, and protection for the i/o pins. The core OWL2pe can be used either on its own, or as the core module to plug into a larger terminal board.



            to the 52 elfowl pins
Basic Stamp 2pe is a registered tradmark of Parallax Corporation



topboard 2bThe OWL2pe is often used with a breakout board. The breakout board either plugs into the top of the OWL2pe core as shown in the photo to the left, or, the OWL2pe core can plug in on top of a larger terminal board as shown in the photo below left. The top board shown to the left combines some of the analog and digital signals on multipurpose input terminals, with the terminals on 0.15" spacing. This arrangement is perfect for smaller installations. The OWL2pe and our smallest topboard fits in a 2" x 2.5" x 1.25" Rose enclosure, seen below right with terminals on 0.1" spacing.

The photo below right shows the OWL2pe core as part of an OEM project, a particle monitor.

Click here to download a description of available topboards:

medium owl in
        enclosureOWL2pe breakout boardsOWL2pe in small enclosure



big owl in

smoke monitor with



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